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Did you know the coffee ‘bean’ is actually the seed of a beautiful cherry that grows on lush green cherry trees–the source of a flavor distinction among all coffees? However, the path of that seed from farm to roaster, and ultimately to your cup, has a major fork in the road called processing. Processing is a rather technical word coffee professionals use to describe the technique of removing the coffee seed from the fruit of the cherry. To celebrate the complexity achieved through the various processing methods, we created the Trilogy: Process series. This series will show you just how much that fateful fork in a coffee’s journey accentuates the inherent flavors first developed from tree and cherry.

We hope you enjoy tasting the difference!

Featured coffees are from Chania Estate, Kenya. Four ounce size available in whole bean only.

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Our Howie Flannels are almost gone!  

This may look like a trendy shirt, but this one means a lot to us. Our company was founded by brothers David and Chris in 1992—and they still run it themselves to this day!  The secret to their success (other than their knack to roast the smoothest coffee around)? Their father, Howie.

Howie was famous for several things, notably his black and red flannel.  So this season, we’re celebrating Howie and the legacy of DCR Coffee. It’s comfort-fit cotton, with button-up pockets, and sleeves that are easy to roll.  

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